This webinar was originally produced on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. We hope that you enjoy the full recording of the presentation and additional resources offered below.

As the U.S. has become both a tax and privacy haven, wealthy families from around the world are seeking U.S. trust solutions. During this webinar, David Warren – Co-Founder and Chairman of Bridgeford Trust Company – examined various worldwide factors for this historic movement of money into the U.S. including FACTA, CRS, secrecy v. privacy, tax evasion v. tax planning, and asset protection. The presentation also considered and objectively compared U.S. trust jurisdictions, accentuating the vital importance of selecting the correct U.S. trust situs for international families. International trust providers operating in the U.S. were also considered and juxtaposed with U.S. trust companies regarding expertise, client service, and regulatory expertise and oversight. David concluded with a discussion of various privacy, tax, and asset protection planning tools available to international families in the U.S.

You can download a copy of the slides by clicking here.

During this webinar, attendees:

  • Gained an understanding of CRS (Common Reporting Standard) and its huge impact on the international community.
  • Developed an appreciation for the difference between secrecy and privacy, and why it matters in the planning process.
  • Examined U.S. trust jurisdictions and understood the vital importance of proper situs selection for international families.
  • Explored specific privacy, tax, and asset protection planning tools available in the U.S. for international families using a foreign grantor trust.
  • Compared trust providers and examined important factors and attributes relative to trust company selection.

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