Episode 41 – Navigating Stability: Ireland’s Economic Edge for Offshore Assets

Guest: Michael Parker, Managing Director at Insight Consultants

In this episode, David WarrenCo-Founder and Chairman of Bridgeford Trust Company – sits down with Michael Parker – Managing Director at Insight Consultants, an award-winning communications consultancy in Dublin, Ireland. Michael shares his journey through various senior positions in politics and business, detailing how these experiences shaped his entrepreneurial focus and led to the founding of Insight Consultants.

As David and Michael continue, they explore Ireland’s tax benefits and asset protection opportunities. They specifically discuss the advantages of Ireland’s pro-business environment, including its status as having the world’s lowest corporate tax rate and being the fastest-growing economy in the EU driven by trade. These factors contribute to Ireland being known as the “Silicon Valley of Europe.”

The conversation also addresses concerns about stability and security amid uncertainties in the U.S. Many are seeking a “flight to safety,” considering moving assets offshore to find a stable and secure atmosphere outside the U.S., and Ireland emerges as a top choice for those seeking a safe haven. As the conversation wraps up, listeners will see a hybrid solution emerge combining Ireland’s benefits with the tax, privacy, and asset protection advantages of the U.S., particularly in a jurisdiction such as South Dakota, creating a powerful planning solution and offering a new strategy for advisors to discuss with their clients.

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