Episode 38 – South Dakota as the Preferred Trust Situs for International Families

Guest: Stefan Szwarc, Partner at Halbach | Szwarc Law Firm

In this episode, David Warren – Co-Founder and Chairman of Bridgeford Trust Company – sits down with guest, Stefan Szwarc – Partner at the South Dakota law firm of Halbach | Szwarc Law Firm. Stefan’s unique journey from financial advisor to attorney lends him a comprehensive perspective on crafting effective plans for clients. The episode delves into the establishment of Stefan’s new law firm, set to mark its first anniversary, highlighting its focus on and commitment to working with international families, as well as its great reputation and early successes fueled by a diverse team of attorneys offering tailored support and innovative legal solutions, including a new solution for clients regarding the ever-evolving Corporate Transparency Act.

During their conversation, you’ll hear David and Stefan discuss the influx of international families seeking U.S. trust solutions, particularly South Dakota due to its robust regulatory framework and emphasis on protecting legitimate family-held wealth in a way that makes sense for the family through innovative tax planning and asset protection. Before they wrap up, you’ll also be the first to hear about STEP South Dakota, its formation with support from many including Bridgeford Trust Company and Halbach | Szwarc Law Firm, and its pivotal role in fostering collaboration and expertise within the trust industry, both domestically and internationally.

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