Delivering Direction and Control – Episode 32

Guests: Jack Ginter, CEO/Partner; Doug Getty, Investment Management/Partner; and Betty Pettine, Director of Philanthropic Consulting at Callan Family

In this episode, David WarrenCo-Founder & Chairman of Bridgeford Trust Company – sits down with guests from Callan Family Office, including Jack Ginter, CEO & Partner; Doug Getty, Investment Management & Partner; and Betty Pettine, Director of Philanthropic Consulting.

Callan Family Office delivers independent and objective counsel to families, foundations, and institutions, and during their conversation, we learn more about the Callan Family Office Difference, fueled by innovation, research, technology, and education. Jack specifically talks about the vision of the firm and how they are embracing the opportunity to fundamentally “disrupt” the industry today.

As the conversation continues, we hear from Doug on Callan Family Office’s investment management focus with access to sophisticated strategies and technology, customizing portfolios designed to help clients reach their goals. We also learn from Betty why philanthropy is important to Callan Family Office clients and how vital it is to have an advisor that shares values, offers resources, and provides expertise in this rising interest of wealth management.