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In this episode, David WarrenCo-Founder/Chairman of the Board of Bridgeford Trust Company and President/CEO of Bridgeford – sits down with guest, Jeana GoosmannAttorney, CEO, Founder and Managing Partner of Goosmann Law Firm – for a discussion on Jeana’s role as “The CEO’s Attorney.” Jeana’s legal business and litigation experience guide CEOs through their most important legal matters, helping them make the wisest business decisions the law can offer, making her legal advice sought after by the most successful CEOs.

David and Jeana go on to discuss their common passion for South Dakota law, the power and stability of that state’s unique trust laws, and the importance of international expertise in South Dakota. As they conclude, it’s easy to hear their shared entrepreneurial spirit as they offer thoughts on the desire to help South Dakota stay on top of issues that are on the forefront of the industry, and in turn, assisting clients across the country and around the world as the industry navigates new matters that didn’t exist years ago.

Adding to Jeana’s accomplishments, she is also an author and frequent speaker. Be sure to check out her book, Worth It: Business Leaders: Ready. Execute. Deliver. and visit her website to learn more about Goosmann Law Firm and to listen to her podcast, Law Talk with the Flock.

Our Podcast Series was developed to educate, challenge, and inspire listeners. As we interview experts in the trust planning arena, we keep listeners updated on developments regarding modern trust law and provide practical discussion on the powerful planning opportunities available to advisors around the country and the world – all in an effort to deliver far more direction and control to clients and their advisors than ever before.

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