Episode 12 is now available on Bridgeford Trust Company’s Delivering Direction and Control Podcast Series! Head on over to our podcast page at bridgefordtrust.com/podcasts to hear the latest episode!

Episode 12 features David Warren – Co-Founder/Chairman of the Board of Bridgeford Trust Company and President/CEO of Bridgeford – and guest, Jamie Vrijhof-Droese – Managing Partner at WHVP – for a discussion on WHVP’s origins, focus, and services as well as their work with U.S. citizens. David and Jamie go on to discuss the COVID crisis and its impact on their investment approach.

Our Podcast Series was developed to educate, challenge, and inspire listeners. As we interview experts in the trust planning arena, we keep listeners updated on developments regarding modern trust law and provide practical discussion on the powerful planning opportunities available to advisors around the country and the world – all in an effort to deliver far more direction and control to clients and their advisors than ever before.

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