Bridgeford Trust Company is very pleased to be participating in an upcoming webinar – “Trusts and Situs after Kaestner: Establishing Domicile, Relocating a Trust and Taxing Beneficiaries” – scheduled for Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 1:00pm EDT. The program is produced by Strafford, a leading education company providing premium CLE and CPE courses designed for planning professionals in over 40 legal, accounting, and tax practice areas.

This webinar will provide professionals who advise and prepare returns for trusts updated information on trusts’ situs in light of the Kaestner decision. The speakers will cover the criteria states use to tax trusts and trust beneficiaries, steps to relocate a trust, and when it is best to do so. The panel includes David Warren, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Bridgeford Trust Company; William Lipkind, Partner at Wilson Elser; and S. Gray Edmondson, Partner at Edmondson Sage Dixon.

The panel will review these and other important issues:

  • State methods for taxing trusts
  • Situs considerations when forming a trust
  • When and how to relocate a trust
  • Impact of Kaestner on trust taxation
  • Amending returns in light of Kaestner

 To learn more and to register, please click here.

And if you missed Bridgeford Trust’s webinar focused on the Kaestner case and its practical implications with respect to state tax planning and the power of utilizing sophisticated modern trust law planning techniques, only available in top tier trust jurisdictions like South Dakota, click here for a full recording of the presentation.