Five years after having received its trust charter from the South Dakota Division of Banking, Bridgeford Trust celebrates tremendous success and growth. Bridgeford Trust’s great success is fueled by access to the nation’s most powerful and progressive trust laws and an extremely responsive and nimble “new wealth management paradigm” built upon a culture of flexibility, creativity, and collaboration.

Over the past five years, South Dakota has consistently been ranked as the top U.S. Dynasty Trust state, and its decanting statute has been ranked as the most progressive in the nation by Nevada Attorney Steve Oshins. In addition, South Dakota has the strongest privacy provisions and one of the most powerful domestic asset protection statutes in the nation, as recently observed by Trust & Estates Magazine. Consistently recognized as an innovator in the trust industry, South Dakota is also one of only three states with a Community Property Trust statute, a very powerful tax planning tool, and the only state in the nation with the Family Advisor role, referred to as a “trust protector light.” Click here to view a chart comparing the leading U.S. trust jurisdictions, with a particular emphasis on these areas that clearly distinguish South Dakota as the superior U.S. trust jurisdiction.

David A. Warren, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Bridgeford Trust Company, observes that “Bridgeford Trust’s great success is attributed to embracing ‘modern trust laws’ that deliver far more control and flexibility to settlors of trusts, beneficiaries, and advisors than ever before through the use of decanting, directed trusts, trust protectors, and families advisors.” David continues by saying “These and other powerful modern trust laws, coupled with Bridgeford Trust’s extremely entrepreneurial ‘can do’ spirit and responsive service model, has propelled our growth both domestically and internationally, rendering Bridgeford Trust the solution for some of best advisors and wealthiest families in the world.”

Kurt M. Trimarchi, Co-Founder, Executive V.P., and Board Member, adds “As the U.S. has recently been recognized as both a tax and privacy haven, Bridgeford Trust has also emerged as a powerful option for wealthy international families in search of U.S. trust solutions.” Trimarchi also adds “What began over five years ago as a ‘white board’ concept to address dissatisfaction in the wealth management industry has become one of the fastest growing financial services firms in the nation delivering trust solutions to families across the country and around the world.”

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